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Homeschooling Resources

We are homeschool advocates and strongly encourage parents to consider this option.

On this page, you will find homeschooling resources to help you get started and find what you need to homeschool your children. 

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1. Homeschool Today!

Get started video & live events

In this short video, Deanna shows you that homeschooling is possible and the transition can happen immediately. You can also sign up for our live webinars where we walk you through the steps to getting started.

2. Policies and Procedures

Find out the requirement for your state

In this section, we will help you find your state requirements to make sure you are complying with your local regulations. We also have a few tips to make the process easier!

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3. Get Connected!

You are not alone

There are so many homeschool communities out there, both in person and online. We will show you the tricks to finding other homeschooling families in your area. 

4. Teaching Tools

Get what you need to teach

In this section, we show you the all the wonderful resources there are for homeschooling. Some are even free! From ready-made full curriculum packs to a la carte options, we will help you find what you need.

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5. Share your journey

Help others get going

We would love for you to share your journey on why you decided to homeschool, how it is going, or your reservations about embarking on this new educational journey. Our goal is to help as many parents save their kids from teh current public and even private system and we could use your help too!