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Specializing in writing and reading classic literature

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Deanna Heikkinen, Ed.D.                 


I am a former professor of humanities who has taken my experience in teaching to help the current generation of students learn how to write, how to conduct research, and how to think for themselves. I primarily teach middle school and high school level students using the classical liberal approach to learning. With the Western Canon as the backdrop, my tutoring focuses on writing, classic literature, and history. I also work with students on success skills, including reading for learning, test taking strategies, goal setting, and how to manage their own calendar.


For homeschool students or students wanted to augment their regular curriculum, I have a complete curriculum I created that includes literary classics coupled with primary source history readings from the Western Tradition for 6th through 12th grades. Each unit has a theme, for example frontier heroes where middle school students read about Lewis and Clark, Davy Crocket alongside the novel Shane by Jack Schaefer. For high school, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is paired with later Greek philosophers Epicurus and Zeno and an overview of the Hellenistic period. 

I can also tutor students using their school curriculum and assignments, providing them with specialized one on one help in writing and understanding the reading in terms of literary analysis and historical context. 

Finally, I have two Student Success courses I have created, one on writing and one on executive function that I can use with students as well. Each course has videos to watch, downloadable handouts, and exercises. 


  • Private tutor for high school homeschool student (history, literature, and philosophy) 2018 - current

  • Tutor for middle school and high school students (writing, literature, and student success) 2017- current

  • Founder and Director of Education of Pisan Academy - homeschool curriculum start-up company (2017 - 2021)

  • Professor of Humanities, Los Angeles Valley College, 2010 - 2017

  • Adjunct professor of history and anthropology at various community colleges, 2007-2017



  • Doctorate of Education, California Lutheran University

  • Master's of Arts, History, California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB)

  • Master's of Art, Anthropology specialized in Archaeology (CSUB)

  • Bachelor's of Arts, Double major Art History and Anthropology (CSUB)

Online Tutoring Services
Starting at $50/hour



Comprehensive one on one writing tutoring. Focus is on writing a five paragraph essay, research, plagiarism, and citing sources. 


ELA English Plus

Designed to work alongside a public or private school curriculum, this one on one tutoring teaches the student the mechanics of writing, reading skills, and other needed areas using the school assigned curriculum. 



Focusing on how to conduct research, write a research paper, cite sources, and build a bibliography, this one on one tutoring option is the only option that can be used with science or other courses not listed in the next option. In addition to writing the paper, the student will learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it. 


Homeschool ELA/English

Reading classic literature and writing. One on one sessions to discuss classic literature using literary devices, writing, grammar, and citing sources. 


Student Success

Online video course with handouts and exercises that accompanies a weekly tutoring session. Included are study skills, goal setting, managing a schedule, communication skills, and more. 


On Demand Subjects

History, philosophy, college entrance essays, and/or student success, what is needed for a student who is enrolled in a public or private school. This is available on a limited basis and would not include math or science subjects. 

Day over day, Deanna has provided my son the attention needed to truly identify his opportunities to improve in his school-based lessons and beyond. She routinely works with him to understand the 'how' and 'why' behind his academic struggles, then collaborates with him to develop and instill a plan for success, often going above and beyond to teach him new, unique methods for learning. She's proven to be kind and thoughtful in their shared sessions, even when my son is having a difficult time navigating our current academic reality. If you're seeking a truly engaged, personalized approach to supporting your child's educational practice, seek the support of Deanna — she's a gem of an academic guide for both my son and me.

Alexandra M.